Car Tips

Auto Repair in SauquoitI woke up to my least favourite scenario of all time.  Get the kids, turn the key and nothing.  Car won’t start.  How frustrating is that? Well, it wasn’t the first time and it definitely won’t be the last time.  However, this instance was different… The car had no power, no click no nothing.  I figured that this must be the battery because I literally had absolutely nothing to work with.  After talking with my friend Jason Jordan that owns JJ automotive Services Repair Shop I realized that perhaps I could solve this myself.  He gave me a quick tip that is usually the first thing to trouble shoot.  Are the terminals clean?  “What the heck are terminals? ” I thought to myself, and began to look around.  Sure enough, after cleaning the terminals of my battery I tried to restart and BOOM! The car fired right up.

Here is what you will need should you attempt this project

  • 20-30 minutes of time
  • Wire brush
  • Wrench
  • Flat head screw driver
  • Wd-40

I started by taking the WD-40 and spraying the terminals because they were INCREDIBLY coroated with gunk.  I disconnected the black then the red in that order.  The WD helps loosen the bolts as well as slide the terminals off.  I used a flat head screw driver to pry them off because they were really stuck on there!  Be prepared to use some elbow grease to get this done.

After you have the battery disconnected take your wirebrush and clean everything so that it is shiny and metallic and looking brand new.  I could see why things weren’t working right because there was so much gunk on that battery.  I guess this is something that will need to be kept an eye on especially after a harsh winter.

I was really glad that I was able to do this myself and save a trip to the mechanic and not have my day interrupted by the inconvenience of not having a working vehicle.  I would highly recommend trying this if you find your car not starting and having no power at all.

Remember, some things that you need to be conscious of…. Disconnect black then red and then re connect in the reverse order!